Who we are

BIOTEK LIFE is the marketing branch of ACURAN LTD, a research organization dedicated to aging.

Aging causes people to become increasingly vulnerable to age-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, cognitive decline, atherosclerosis, diabetas, cancers and more. We believe that addressing the root cause of senescence is the key to free our society from the burden of an aging population.

We are aware that NAD therapies will be streamline in the near future: their field of application will range from long term supplementation to targeted drugs. So, we have put together a collective of scientists, doctors, and healthcare practitioners who are aware that a revolution in longevity is arising, and want to take it to the next level.

Evum NAD improve longevity

Why Evum ?

EVUM is unique, combining NMN and QUERCETIN to raise efficiently and quickly the NAD levels in cells. Both are delivered straight to the gut thanks to our patented enteric capsules. The gastrointestinal tract is the best place for dramatically improving bioavailability of dietary supplements.

EVUM combines the best strategies to enhance NAD in your body, and do it 100 % naturally.

Our research agenda

We at ACURAN LTD have set up an agenda of lab and human researches with the mission to conceive and test innovative health products based on natural compounds.

Our mission is to explore the biological pathways related to aging, and NAD is just one of them. We are investigating recent discoveries that have shed light on very promising synergies between pathways in cells: these researches could lead to unprecedented benefits for humans in the near future.

On the other hand, we are working on reliable solutions to give the public the ability to sustainably test its biological improvements against aging. 

Timeline Evum

Where are we located ? 

London, England.

Evum Map

We are based in London. This world class city is the perfect place for marketing and research purposes. It allows interacting with two worldwide universities, Oxford and Cambridge. We beneficiate from reputated human resources and services in order to efficiently serve our European customers, while keeping an eye on the American and Asian markets.