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Your body needs NAD to perform basic functions and stay healthy, but NAD levels decline with age. EVUM can enhance NAD in the very heart of your cells, sustainably. Take EVUM, maximize your healthspan. Recommended dosage is one to two jar per month.

  • 60 enteric capsules
  • 130 mg of pure NMN per capsule
  • 40 mg of Quercetin per capsule
  • 100% natural
  • Highly bioavalaible
  • Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Gluten free, nut free, caffein free
  • No artificial colors or flavors, non GMO

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13 reviews for Evum 1 Jar

  1. Paul

    Wow ! Been using it for a while. Much powerful compound than NMN alone.

  2. Gavin Parker

    Thanks for the product.

  3. Claire jacquet

    I bought EVUM 3 months ago and did not expect such amazing results on my body. My skin and hairs are obviously yonger. I Feel so great. Many thanks!

  4. daniel

    I bought this supp for the energy thing. Instead I sleep better, which is not bad after all.

  5. alan

    Nice presentation and quick delivery. I give it to my mother. She feels better after a few weeks. Her joints are less painful. Thanks for this product

  6. andrea

    wow ! wow ! wow ! I am addicted to that supplement. I run long distance and it makes a huge difference. I recover better and significantly improved my performance. My eyes look brighter. I recommend it !!

  7. brice

    Hi. Great effect on my energy. I walk faster and farther. My girlfriend takes it as well and sleeps better. Great stuff

  8. philip

    I am taking EVUM with my wife. We are smokers and the effect on our health and skin is unexpected. People say we look younger. And we fell more dynamic. Good supplement. Keeps its promise

  9. john

    I am taking two capsules a day. I feel a little better. Think I should take more

  10. any

    I am in my 80’s. I was willing to test this NAD booster on friend’s advice. After a month I sleep better and have more energy. Thanks

  11. olga

    Thanks for your quick delivery. I think I saw an improvement of my skin after two weeks. It’s amazing

  12. bernard

    I have diabeta type 2. I was wondering if it could help my condition and it did stabilize my results. Keep taking 4 capsules a day. Thanks guys for your advice

  13. jerome

    Nice packaging. greatly improves recovery after running. Surely an efficient supplement

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